Culture June 21, 2023

Positive Space Kit Fundraiser Aims to Boost Safety for Queer Students in Schools

Daniela Tofano of Coldwell Banker Community Professionals and Matt Brownlow of Mission 35 Mortgages are on a mission to raise funds and awareness for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community this month.  


“As a supporter of the queer community, I want to recognize and advocate for their rights, equality, and accept them for exactly who they are. All people who are under the umbrella term of ‘queer’ should be celebrated. They, like all humans, have worth and value in this world. They should NOT be judged, bullied, or hurt for who they are,” Daniela said. 


Daniela and Matt are partnering with The Get REAL Movement to raise funds for Positive Space Kits to help educate and make kids in the queer community feel safe and comfortable in their schools. Their goal is to raise $6,000 by June 30th and both Matt and Daniela will match donations up to $1,000. This sum will allow them to support the queer community in the Greater Hamilton Area and beyond if possible! 


The Get Real Movement 

The Get REAL movement began back in 2011 as a student project aimed at ‘combatting homophobic, transphobic and racist language and attitudes’ by talking with students one on one. The success of these conversations led to a broader approach- workshops. Their team now hosts workshops within schools and the workplace to help educate and promote diversity and inclusivity.  


Positive Space Groups 

The Get REAL Movement has also initiated Positive Space Groups or a “GSA” (Gender-Sexuality Alliance / Gay-Straight Alliance) which are groups led by students to help promote a safe and inclusive environment for students. Positive Space Kits are used to help support Positive Space Groups within schools and act as a resource to help empower students and encourage conversation! 


Image from The Get Real Movement



Positive Space Kits 

Positive Space Kits include: 16 magnets, 16 stickers, and 4 small flags that can be displayed across classrooms and bulletin boards throughout the school. 


Image from The Get Real Movement


Positive Space Kits have received overwhelming support and positive feedback across Canada! 

Anonymous: “Representation, inclusivity, and community have become a large part of our conversations (some sparks from our stickers!).” 

Anonymous: “The Positive Space Kit has had a huge impact on the students in my classroom as well as those who enter it. The carefully curated items ensures that minority groups of students feel better represented (people of colour as well as those part of the LGBTQ2S+ community) and have generated thoughtful discussion.” 


How You Can Help 

“For the remainder of June/Pride Month we will be fundraising to provide Positive Space Kits for local schools. We want to take the financial burden of teachers and caregivers so that they can focus on providing those safe spaces for kids in their community.”- Daniela Tofano 


To donate, please visit this link