Culture The Coldwell Banker Canada Interview—Dean Artenosi on his new book, “Onwards and Upwards: Discover the Reality of Building Real Estate Success” Dean Artenosi, Broker/Owner of Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Centre, has a new book out.  Onwards and Upwards: Discover the Reality of Building Real Estate Success is published by Forbes. The book is intended as a course correction for those who view a career in real estate as an easy path to quick money, fame, […]
Mortgages A Familiar Interface: Christina Steplock joins Guiding Star Mortgage Group’s Online Mortgage Solutions Division August 11, 2023 Christina Steplock remembered being confused about her own mortgage. It was a confusing time. Think 2003. TD Bank Financial Group had just acquired the Laurentian Bank branches in Ontario. Steplock’s own mortgage was caught up in the coming together of the financial giants. She remembered listening to the radio. A pair of […]
Why Women Are Natural Realtors Women everywhere are influencing the real estate industry! In fact, in most countries throughout the world, more than 50% of Realtors are women and here in Canada, that number climbs to nearly 60%.  “Young women want opportunities to advance; they want more flexibility and an employer that is committed to employee well-being.”  Real estate careers […]
Real Estate News Coldwell Banker Canada, Guiding Star Mortgage Experts Share Helpful Insights Into Latest Bank of Canada Interest Rate Hike July 12, 2022  The Bank of Canada has increased its key policy interest rate to 5.00%—a jump of 25 basis points from June and the latest of 10 rate hikes in the last 16 months.   If real estate is about location, location, location, the central bank’s rationale is about inflation, inflation, inflation.   “While CPI inflation […]
Real Estate News Coldwell Banker Canada Experts Share Perspectives on Interest Rate Hike Aimed at “Stubbornly High” Inflation June 7, 2023    The Bank of Canada has increased its key interest rate to 4.75%—a jump of 25 basis points—putting an end to a short string of rate hike pauses.   “Globally, consumer price inflation is coming down, largely reflecting lower energy prices compared to a year ago, but underlying inflation remains stubbornly high,” […]
Advice Unleash Your Personality: 5 Tips to Infuse Authenticity into Your Home Design Does your home feel like you, or does it feel like someone else designed your space?  It’s easy to get caught up in TikTok trends and new design ideas, but it is important to remember that our homes should be a reflection of ourselves.   If you’re struggling to find balance between following trends and […]
Culture 5 Key Climate Concerns That You May Not Know About Earth Day is the annual global event happening this Saturday, April 22, 2023. The theme for this year is “Invest In Our Planet”, in hopes to brings attention to the importance of dedicating time, energy, and resources to proactively help solve climate change and other environmental issues. We talk a lot about our homes, whether […]
What It Takes to Be a Successful Realtor What skills do successful Realtor’s have?  Communication skills  Understanding of real estate  Knowledge of your local market  Time management skills  Negotiation skills Marketing skills   Communication Being able to communicate with your clients is the #1 key to being a successful Realtor. Whether it be a verbal conversation, a written document, or simply being able […]
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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Realtor Choosing the right realtor can be stressful and overwhelming, but it is important to work with a realtor that shares your goals and mindset when it comes to buying or selling your home. Here are 6 things to consider when trying to find the right realtor for you!   1. Knowledgeable about local market Having an […]
Why is Social Media so Important in Real Estate? Why is social media so important in real estate? We’ve broken it down into 3 categories to help explain the importance of having an online presence and why social media complements the real estate industry so well.   1. Marketing  Marketing for real estate professionals is essential in order to be successful. From the use […]
Advice How to Stick to your New Year’s Resolution 2023 has arrived and with a new year usually comes new goals and resolutions! So, let’s talk about how to create realistic goals and how you can stick to them! 1. Define your goal, make it realistic and make it part of your identity  Once you have figured out what your goal is going to be, […]
Tips & Tricks 7 Tips For Selling Your Home in the Fall & Winter Just because the warmer months are typically the most common for selling your home, doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to selling in the cooler months! In fact, buyers are usually more serious in the winter and less inventory means less competition.   Here are 7 tips for selling during the colder months!  Make sure you […]
Tips & Tricks 5 Tips to Get Your Home Winter Ready With the colder months approaching, it is important to make sure that both you and your home are best prepared for the cooler months.  Here are 5 tips to help prepare your home for winter!  Gather your comfy bedding. With the temperatures dropping, you can ditch your lighter, summer bedding and get cozy with your […]